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Come with us to a viewpoint where we'll have our lunch break sitting on the grass, staring at the whole Padana plain

On Lake Garda, when the summer becomes too hot, in those days when even water is not fresh enough, the direction to look is the mountain.

In a few minutes of travel, from the shores of Lake Garda we can reach altitudes where the fresh air helps energies regain their strength.

The starting point for this adventure will therefore be almost 1.000masl: we will travel a forest road that climbs up Mount Baldo in the shade of chestnut, beech and birch, with panoramic views to the south and east, a prelude to what we will experience once reached our destination.

The fantastic Shimano Steps 8000 electric motor fitted on our Focus Jam2 LTD Plus E-MTBs can be put in the minimum assistance set-up "ECO" mode, to make some training, or just put in "BOOST" mode to enjoy effortless the fresh air and the panorama!



The clock will already be just a far memory of civilization, we will adjust the pace to our capability, we will stop for the first photographs, we will watch a bird of prey, we will chat about this and that to know each other, because this tour has only one goal: to enjoy the beauty of the territory and make you escape from the ordinary and feel part of the extraordinary!



I’m not hiding it to you: reaching the destination of this excursion requires also a bit of physical effort.

In order to clarify the uniqueness of this place, I had to be patient, go up several times and finally find the day to shoot some of the best photos.

If we’ll be lucky, we will enjoy a well-deserved rest sitting in a meadow that literally dominates ... the world!



This tour has always been one of my favorites, despite its toughness: today’s E-MTBs delete most of the difficulty of the traditional bike climb, therefore, Fort Naole has become an absolute "must" destination for the clearest days.

The beauty of the panorama is only half of the pleasure: the descent, or better, the various options of descents, turn this tour into a real All-Mountain experience.

If you are not yet familiar with "gravity" disciplines, but you cannot wait to improve your level, we have everything you need to practice: time, space and ... the right terrain.

If the descent is not your favourite part of the journey, we will have an easy paved forest road for the return, some very safe "plus" tires and a comfortable full suspension E-MTB with powerful brakes and an adjustable seatpost to lower the saddle before starting the descent.

Finally, if you are a well trained rider and you want to start from the shores of Lake Garda, we will have 1,600 meters trail to ride down to the water of the lake.


What do you think, is this tour perfect for your taste?


E-MTB Half day tour for well trained expert riders


This tour will climb around 1.000m through dirt roads, with some rocky sections. The downhill part will be on a moderately steep technical single trail with loose rocks, stones, narrow sections and – in general – natural surface. Starting from Prada alta (980m height) we will climb up to Forte di Naole (1.675m height).

Our rest break, before getting dressed with protections and wear our full face helmet,  will be sitting on the grass, staring at the whole Padana plain… only the idea of an adrenalinic one-thousand meters descent will make us stand-up and leave!


20km Tour (could be doubled in case of start from Lake Garda shores)

Difficulty level: go pro addicted with cycling tan lines (best with a touch of beer belly)

What's included


  • The rental service of the full-suspended E-bike (Focus Jam2 LTD Plus)
  • Certified MTB Guide
  • Helmet


  • Food and beverages
  • Anything not listed above


  • 1 to 5 people



  • All rides are done with full suspended E-MTBs Focus Jam2 LTD Plus: it’s possible to use an own bike (subject to prior agreement of the details)
  • Wearing a helmet is compulsory, if you don’t have one, we’ll be glad to provide it.
  • We strongly suggest:
    • bike pants and Gloves
    • Bike/trekking shoes (avoid running/gym sneakers and road/spinning shoes)
    • Backpack
    • Water



During the tour, I normally take photos of the riders and the landscape.

Shots will be normally published on my instagram account  and are available as file (free of charge) or prints (subject to prior agreement on delivery details)

If you don’t agree to be portrayed let me know and I will avoid to include you as a subject.

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