Born in Verona (Italy) at the very end of the 60s under a lucky star and scorpio sign, I could only be an optimistic free spirit, living emotions at their best. MTB is therefore, ever since I discovered it, the best mean to reach my goals.
I am a MTB Guide, graduated at Accademia Nazionale di Mountainbike (Milan – Italy).
I started this profession after decades spent exploring Lake Garda trails (especially Monte Baldo area) for pure passion, noticing that the territory I live in, deserves a wider knowledge as a touristic MTB Destination
During the rides I propose, the main focus will be a full immersion in nature, without any hurry or unnecessary risks. The goal is to bring back home just positivity and satisfaction… and possibly some of my photos, since I always carry my camera with me.

Based on Italian law (n.4 of 14 January 2013) The MTB Guide is a professional who knows best about mountain biking in all its aspects, with an excellent knowledge of the territory, its culture and its hospitality.

Our goal is to guide you safely in an emotional journey, riding the right bike on the most correct trail for your riding skills and style, to make you enjoy the MTB experience.

On the net there are dozens of GPS MTB tracks promising you to enjoy a trouble-free ride in total autonomy. To find out during a ride that who loaded the file, defines “easy” something that for you is “very difficult”, could ruin your day: the presence of an expert Guide allows you to have an immediate feedback on the difficulty of a route and on the possible easiest alternatives.
What makes the MTB dangerous is therefore not knowing the territory where you are and venturing without the right equipment.
The MTB is a relatively young cycling discipline, but it includes under one single term (mountain bike) many different ways of practice: it goes from the cross-country amateur, for example along natural surface / non-paved country roads with limited steepness, up to the opposite extreme, i.e.  alpine paths on rough natural surfaces and extreme steepness (Downhill or Vertriding).
In-between, there are many disciplines with different difficulty levels: trailriding, all-mountain, big-mountain, enduro, freeride, dirt, etc.

The tours that we usually offer are of the All-Mountain type, which requires a full-suspended MTB with frame geometries suitable for pedaled climbs and technical descents: we have chosen a high-end product, the E-MTB Focus Jam2 Plus LTD
All our Tours are ring routes, most of the times with an initial ascent part, up to our destination, and return on never too technical descent trails (except where clearly indicated by us).
The E-MTB are maintained directly by us, kept in perfect efficiency given the use for which they are intended.

At the beginning of the tour there will be a briefing explaining the use of the bike as well as a personalized set-up for each participant: our experience has taught us that every rider is different from the other, and that there is no standard on the right or wrong when it comes to driving a MTB.

Lake Garda, and the hills and mountains surrounding it, is the ideal starting point for each of the disciplines that can be practiced in mountain biking, and we are therefore also available to propose specific tours according to your skills, taste and requests.
So, if you are looking for something more than what you see here, contact me for info.



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